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January 20, 2007



Biometrics now a days with hi tech research and up gradation, is providing new sensors and scanners with higher reliability. Biometrics in banking sector is definitely a higher technological step forward. I am a representative of an established research based biometric firm named M2SYS Technology http://www.m2sys.com/ based in Atlanta Georgia. We have provided our fingerprint scanners to numerous banking and financial institutions starting from medium to large across various countries, who are now making a very fast and reliable customer banking service through integrating our secured fingerprint identification system in their banking software. Our’s is a patent-pending fingerprint software solution that can be instantly integrated with a host application, avoiding development burdens associated with a fingerprint SDK. We also offer several off-the-shelf fingerprints software products that are distributed to the end user market through our expanding list of channel partners. I believe to keep up with speed of service and tracking the customers as well as employees in an efficient way, finger print scanners are one of the best solutions.

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