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February 25, 2008


Computer Consultants Kit

You make a really great point. So many companies spend TONS of time and money on customer acquisition and completely forget that the job isn't done there. Customer retention is really the goal of any business with any common sense. Consumer electronics companies and retailers seem like a place where this message is largely unheard. The only exception? Costco last year launched a technology concierge service that's supposed to cover many of these post-sales questions. Although I haven't personally used it yet, it's plugged heavily in their warehouses/stores and sounds pretty promising for onboarding. Thanks for the great post.

Joshua Feinberg

Krishna Mony

I think you’ve nailed it. Wish they [Sony, Toshiba and Fujitsu] heard you earlier.


I've often wondered why customer delight is not a critical evaluation metric while Investment bankers explore M&A transactions. Can't grudge them, their focus is fee maximization based on inflated deal sizes. But what about the fee paying clients? Will EPS of the merged entity be protected even as customers desert them? Neither the customer gains nor does the shareholder. In the end, if the deal doesn’t yield expected outcome, I-bankers advance the pet excuse - "the client screwed up post-merger integration" :-)

The stuff that makes McKinsey’s of the world survive :) You agree?

Jason Fernandes

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