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June 27, 2010


John McCall, VP Enterprise CRM and Database Strategy

In a research study done in the UK by JP LeClerck, these points were also validated. Own and cherish the customers you have today. Turn them into evangelists for your brand because consumer sentiment now drives or kills a brand faster than ever. Like this entry states, don't abandon new customer acquisition/outreach, but your best way to attract new customers is to leverage the poisitive sentiment of your best existing customers, that has been the case for many years and has never been more true than today. Social media is now social commerce.

John McCall is Vice President of Enterprise CRM and Database Strategy for Infogroup (formerly infoUSA), the nation's leading database and cross channel marketing company.

Jairaj Jatar

It is quite unbelievable that marketing officers talk of customer lifetime value but do not put a retention policy and systems in place. I must share with you two examples I have myself experienced which made me repurchase from the same establishment.

The first is Ford India whose dealers in Mumbai - I have been visiting 3 of them for last 5 years - are sharp in reminding me about my next service cycle or calling me a few days after the service (or repairs) to find out whether all is well or even calling up to upsell an accessory. Oh sure, they are not on Facebook or Twitter, but I am familiar with the names of the tele-callers.

The second is Kesari Tours of Mumbai. After my first experience with them 4 years ago they have been consistently messaging me since then. I receive their message at least once a week with information of new offers, season's greetings, greeting on birthday's (they know the date from the passport!) and they even went to extent of wishing my children for their respective Board exams. The last was a clincher!

Of course, the key factor in repurchase remains effective product performance without which retention policies will not be successful.



Thank you for the very insightful post. Customer retention is an important part of any business and especially the automotive industry. Here is another post the review the customer journey to understanding service customers - http://www.fullcirclesolutions.com/blog/understanding-the-service-customer/

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