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October 14, 2005


chetan chadha

Managing Director
Maruti Suzuki,

Sub: Poor & Sub standard service of your authorized service from your dealer

My 3rd.visit to your so-called authorized service dealer (M/s. D D Motors Moti Nagar) made me to do my biggest mistake in my life. It made me as if I had entered into a local or poorer than the roadside mechanic shop. The story begins on 25th.Oct.2005 when I gave my Zen car (DL-1CE-5896), so that I can spend my festival hassle free. The car entered their premises at 8.15 am; however on the Job sheet the entery was made at 8.40 am for their convenience. (However the staff says the showroom open at 8’0 clock), this was not very big deal. At the time of inspecting the vehicle the (job no. 0042759) the so-called Supervisor & the Technical Adviser the problems were stated very clearly. The water pump of the wiper is not working, AC –Blower not working & less brakes. At that time I clearly told them just to increase the capacity of the brakes. However to my surprise no body bothered to give the call to tell me the status of the vehicle. These are small basic courtesies, which your dealer lack. On very next day i.e. on 26th.Oct.2005, I went to know the status of my vehicle, to my surprise no body was there to attend. I went to reception, then to billing counter & then I was made to do the payment without even checking the vehicle. I made the payment of 2957/- (through credit card) & then I was allowed to check my vehicle. There begins my agony. Water Pump for the wiper still not working – your technical advisor told instead the wiper blades needs to be replace, this is something very funny how come a rubber wiper blades has a relation with the water pump. On checking the AC, the same was also not working – the reply of technical advisor was “ sir ac needs to be checked thoroughly, complete wiring needs to be checked, IS ME BAHUT KARCHA LAGEGA”, I mean this is something very disgusting how can they say without even having looking at the same. Now the 3rd. surprise the condition of the brakes were worst. There were no brakes at all. Air has entered into the same, which was not there earlier. Earlier brakes were there & I specifically requested them just to increase the capacity. They have completely ruined the braking system.

Wheel balancing & Wheel alignment was done, but the car is running towards the right side direction. Moreover the vehicle was not ready at the time of delivering the same & the same was cleaned properly.

All the technical advisors / supervisors were seems to be non-technical & more of commissioning agents. They all were more interested in getting the seats dry cleaned, polishing of all types & changing of all types of oil, which seems there are more of earning agents rather than technical heads.
The feedback form was filled by me in which I have given low scoring & also the remarks, workshop manager did not even bother to talk to me or listen to my queries.

To sum up, no focus on the service & product of your authorized service center. This clearly shows the lack of professionalism in them. Being in the service profession we take utmost care of our customers.

At last I would request you to look into my problem & depute somebody to rectify the same & satisfy my queries.


Chetan Chadha
House No.4,
Block No13,
Moti Nagar
New Delhi

# 25118045 ®

e-mail id chetan_chadha@rediffmail.com

Pankaj Desai

I do not have much time to express everything, but with a hope to hear from MARUTI i am narrating my worst experience with one of the most dominating dealer in south india RNS
My name is as mentioned above and i am working with M/s Clivet TFA Pvt Ltd BANGALORE.
The remaining part of my ever worst experience can be defined in a very diplomatic way from the employees like Ms Puja,Mr Himal etc etc of RNS , whom i believe MARUTI has a strong trust rather than the end customer!
I know very well that this mail of mine will be thrown away as a junk mail, just like a manner your sales team done with me today.
Expecting some responce to regain my confidence in you!!

Pankaj Desai

+91 9886687226

Prashant Kumar Jha


This is with ref to :-> "HT20070611_0000000134 Maruti_Support Service/Problem in Vehicle/Maruti Alto"

I have sent a remainder regarding this but have not received any updade, please look into it.

Veh. Reg No: HR99AGT230
Cap_Time: 3:37:34 PM
Details : Hi, I have purchased an ALTO LXI, S.White colour having Ches.
No. 927023 and Engine No. 3400483 from batra Auto Company, Faridabad on
14-05-2007 and I want to inform you that the Batra Auto Comp. has not
moved my application for registration and my Temp. Reg. (Temp. Reg. No.
HR99AG T 2304) will expire in next 2 days. My sales rep. at Batra was
Mr. Radhanath. I am requesting you to take a strong initiative in this
regard and help me to get the car registered with the stipulated time.
For your kind info. I would like to tell you that I have also
recommended one of my friends for the same and he has also taken the
same car (ALTO LXI)and his car temp. Reg no. HR99AG T 2354. Plz help me
out ASAP. Thanks - Prashant K Jha Cell No. 9873297425

pranav agarwal

my worst day when i bought a car from competent automobiles,lajpat nagar.delhi

these people cheated me so badly.


nice post man!!!
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Mangesh Khanvilkar

I hope Maruti as a brand which is well known for so called Customer Service and Value for Money will take a note of this. In mid July i booked a Maruti Swift with one of the dealers in Thane promising that i'll get my car in 2 weeks from date of registration. It's been almost one n half month now and still i'm waiting for my car for which my EMI's have already been started. Every now and then i get assurance from this dealer that i'll get my car next week but the deadline is never met. Now they are telling me that there is some problem with the ABS Kit in the production unit of Maruti. And the deliveries are further delayed with no timelines.

I'm paying for a product which i haven't received till now.

Mangesh Khanvilkar

girija sankar samantaray

I hv a maruti800/5 speed(Reg No:-OR02T-0080)model car.It has run about 23000kms.I always goes to ur NARAYANI MOTORS(Bhubaneswar) for service.
In MAY-2007 some problem had arised with my steering.And as their reccomendation,they replaced whole column unit. After some days the same problem was arised,and I had registered a complain.After that they checked it .But now I am facing the same problem.Plese suggest me WHAT CAN I DO NOW.And I do hope marutisuzuki as a pride brand of india don't break my faith,as I feel proud of it.

Girija sankar samantaray
plpt no:-PP-3
Pandaba nagar
e_mail:- dharmaraj008@yahoo.co.in

Sanju Krishna

Dear Mr. Khattar,

I have always had a good opinion about Maruti Suzuki cars in India and their customer service standards. They are known for their wide-reach across India, value-for-money cars & customer service and an impeccable sense of quality in their service process. But, the last few experiences of mine have left me with a lot of questions in my mind about the honesty and transparency of their service stations

It is with extreme disappointment and distress that I write to you, but I am left with no choice. My Maruti Alto broke down couple of weeks back due to some gears jamming up and took it to RNS Motors, Hosue Road, Bangalore for repairs. The guy who came to my house to inspect my car just looked underneath my car with a Nokia 1100 Torch light and said there is a hit underneath and hence needs to be taken to the service station. He took the car and gave me a call back stating that there is some replacement to be made and hence talk to my manager Mr.Gururaj. He updated me that gears are jammed up and hence requires Rs.1400 but after negotiation did it for Rs.650. The car was repaired to sent back home as promised on Sunday itself.

On Monday when I was driving to office, I again felt some stiffness and hence immediately called up RNS Motors and was told that since something is replaced it will be like that for a week’s time. Today again my car was stuck with the same problem where I was unable to shift gears itself. The same guy came for inspection, did his default inspection with his mobile phone torch light and said that there is a hit underneath and hence need to replace something which is the generic response for Maruti to take money.

I have noticed that all authorized Maruti service stations have this intention to "make money at any cost" on service by unwarranted selling and change of spares, consumables, services etc. They gave me the spare which they claim they have changed (I even question whether it is necessary to be changed in the first place or whether the shown spare was mine itself). It is a problem across all their authorized service stations. I always come back with an unsure feeling of what they have charged me vis-a-vis the work they claim to be have done may not be true.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service and taking me for granted since I am a lady and can be squeezed of money anytime due to my ignorance of Automobile technology. Your website claims that your vision is 'creating customer delight' - I can assure you that this customer is far from delighted.

I realize that my situation may not be unique, but I find this level of service completely unacceptable. Please let me know if Maruti Udyog Limited finds this request unreasonable.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this. I am happy to produce the bill which RNS Motors has given me stating the repairs and replacement made at your disposal anytime. Thousands of car owners must be facing similar problems without a viable alternative as there are no organized quality multi-brand car service outlets in India.

Jenifer Mendoza

Very nice post and review.I do agree with this aspect, this car is a class apart,We cannot compare it with others.This is a very good choice if you try considering Maruti Alto to be your car and ride with smooth performance for any kind of journey on the road.

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