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Does your brand have story that your customers can talk about?

In a brilliant post by Alian Thys on Ten truths of branded storytelling, he talks about the importance of brands to have a credible story around them to drive customer conversations.

  • Truth # 1: Seek the Story to Rule them All
    Great brand stories stem from the reason a brand exists.  Apple wanted to free creative spirits while slaying the Microsoft dragon.  Coco Chanel set out to re-invent fashion and liberate women from tradition.   Pepsi wants to be a catalyst for change for every generation.
  • Truth # 2: Great Stories Come To You, If You Listen
    Once you have defined your USP, use every opportunity to listen for supporting stories from your staff, suppliers and customers.
  • Truth # 3: Amplify Those Stories That Others Can Tell
    The brands that win tomorrow are those whose customers tell the best stories.  As you discover stories that match your USP, select those that are simple enough to remember and fun to recite.
  • Truth #4: Connect your Branding Efforts to Your USP
    Each commercial, branded entertainment programme or promo is a “mini-story” within the overall framework of your brand.  It should always connect to your Unique Story Proposition.
  • Truth #5: Connect your Story Efforts to Your Bottom Line
    A great story is nice, yet to make money, it has to press the “buy” button in the customer’s brain.
  • Truth #6: Know Your Classics (yet don’t get hung up on them)
    Writers from Aristotle to Vogler have successfully captured the essence of storytelling into rules and recipes.
  • Truth #7: Storytelling is Not Just About Words
    Reflect your USP in everything you do.  The way you design your product, the way you build your stores, the way your staff dresses and behaves, the way you deal with your customers.
  • Truth #8: You Don’t Need to Tell it All
    If you want to promote word-of-mouth, leave the mystery.  People don’t want to know how the sausage it made.  People love to guess the end of the novel.
  • Truth #9: Let Go of the Illusion of Control
    In the old world, there was the comforting illusion that if you shot enough GRP’s at de-sensitized consumers, all would be well.   In story-world, this illusion is gone.  Good stories amplify themselves.
  • Truth #10: You Cannot Fake Authenticity
    Last, but definitely not least, ensure your stories reflect the real behaviour of your brand.

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