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Become your customer

Jefferey Phillips writes:

Every once in a while, become your customer.  As much as possible, step away from your team, your process or your company and experience what it's like to interact with your group from an objective customer's point of view.  I suspect you'll be surprised at what you find.  Why?  Well, as we've discussed already, we tend to optimize measurements of the process that are internal, not external.  Second, apathy sets in in many places as people become used to providing poor service and receiving poor service.  Finally, inertia makes it difficult to change even the things you know aren't quite right.

When was the last time you looked at your process or your team from your customer's perspective, and understood the challenges that they face when working with you?  Does the interaction a customer has with your team or firm reflect the goals and expectations you have for your team?

I can't agree with him more.

Forrester's take on ROI of blogs

Forrester has released a research report “The ROI Of Blogging: The “Why” And “How” Of External Blog Accountability”.

It's got some very insights on the kind of metrics brands should use, when it comes to evaluating their corporate blogging initiatives:


Donate your Coke rewards

I just saw an interesting promotion on Coke Rewards. There's a nice touch to this promo. If you go back to my post on Faith Popcorn's 2007 trends, it's quite close to the trend  and insight -"The globally conscious consumer regards altruistic activities as a necessary part of self- improvement." Coke has truly taken advantage of this trend with this promotion.

Here's how it goes:

If you drink Coke you need to start donating those coke codes under the cap to the Donate Your Coke Rewards blog. The site has collected over 1,500 codes and is donating all the prizes from the rewards to a needy St. Jude Children's Research Hospital kid.