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January 09, 2007


Robert Kingston

Thats a very informative post.

In Australia at the moment we're seeing a movement away from the amount of junk mail that marketers are laying onto us. Their concerns are that its annoying and wasteful (of paper and energy). I think that calls for new and innovative ways to advertise. Ideas anyone?

Although, I still believe that in Western countries in particular, we'll see an increase in concern for environmental issues as customers become aware of the impact that consumption has on the environment. Trends in our intellectual development say that we are reaching our limits and are now seeking ways to develop our social and morale conciousness. Once we begin to scratch the surface of our moral conciousness I believe we'll uncover a desire to protect the environment. Coupled with expectations that trend-setters will forgo intricate lifestyles to live simpler lives, i think there is some value in establishing your company as eco-friendly and simplicity focussed.

For that reason I've bought a new site called Environblog.

I'm interested to see how such trends develop. Thanks for the post.

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