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Subliminal impressions drive our thinking

Ever wondered what goes behind people who come-up with great ideas? And do you want to know how their minds work?

It's the subliminal impressions that you pick-up everyday that makes a difference to your thinking. You may never realize what caught your attention but it's there right at the back of your mind. So, train your mind to catch its attention on simple but unusual things that you see around you. Being inquisitive and perceptive, can make a huge difference.

You can't afford to get brain dead, you got to be 'brain agile' every minute, if you want to come-up with some great ideas!

Read more to believe it! Little John helped me learn this today!

Derren Brown is a mind master when it comes to suggesting, influencing, planting and hypnotizing.Our brains are pulling directly from everyday experiences that we aren't even remembering. Our bus ride to work, the lunch line, etc. So, pay a bit more attention to that boring stuff around you.