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August 29, 2010


Vee Sweeney

The key is for the retailers to not abuse the power they have when they get a mobile number. I only give mine out when I think I will be interested in receiving offers or info, even if the company is offering a discount or some sort of incentive for giving out a mobile number. If I am getting worthless info on a daily basis, then I delete without reading, but if I only get a text every month or two, I am more apt to open it, even if it's not discount or coupon related.


I agree with @Vee. Let's be honest, everyone is bombarded with spam and annoying emails and text offers all the time. In a day and age where I dont even have a home phone, I rely on my cell 100%. I hate giving it out. There is seemingly no boudaries anymore. Phone calls at 9pm on a Monday night are just too much but somehow a text at 9pm on a Monday is ok? No. It's not. I will delete as soon as I'm annoyed.

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