Airtel's India's first mobile app centre- A case for Open Apps - Did they miss a trick or two here!
Customers don't just want coupons on mobile. They look for information & reviews!

The coming mobile coupon-customer engagement boom

The world today has over 4.5 billion mobile phones and the number is growing rapidly. This provides customers with a device right in their hands to talk, access data, receive messages, network socially, check mails, and even download offers. This device now provides an unique opportunity for marketers to build very strong one-to-one engagement programs with customers using mobiles as a primary medium.This is going to lead to a whole set of data availability - downloaded apps, frequency of apps usage, offer downloads, redemption etc. enabling powerful mobile analytics and targeted behaviour-based campaign opportunities, enabling a whole new engagement platform between marketers and customers.

Take a look at the opportunity and how marketers need to leverage this opportunity.