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February 06, 2011



Swami. Well said. I have personally experienced what you are saying with Jet and other airlines;
With Jet, being upgraded TWO levels within 1 year when i had a travelling job within india and not being able to use their upgrade vouchers ( I have 14 unused vouchers half of which has lapsed ) and I will be dowgraded in Feb 2011. Care a damn....

When i was travelling overseas extensively ( 2003 to 2007), i was in the highest status in Lufthanza, BA and AI. now i am back to a normal traveller in all these and rebuilding points. You bet, when i fly overseas these days, the simple criterion is which airlines offer the best value and price and not how many points gets added.


It's funny that u suddenly find yourself writing this only after you have been downgraded :) Wake up to reality friend - why would any company (forget Jet) base their loyalty program on anything OTHER than a transactional basis?? Your own behaviour is transactional is it not? So why would a company behave differently? Let's be fair abt life (if u ran your company you would do the same by the way...) - if u spend more, you get more. It's as simple as that. The more a company engages you on a non-transactional level (i.e. give u freebies, lounge access, invite you to plays, dinners etc etc etc) the more they will have to COST this into their ticket prices. Remember the old (but gold) adage of of there being "no free lunch"? So you didn't fly in the last 2 years as much as you used to; but you expect Jet to continue to carry u in an elite status?? For what? What have you done for them that they shd do this for you? When the going got tough, you pulled out, but u expect them to continue to carry u? Not fair isnt it? By the way, they chose to downgrade u in 2011 :) Not in 2009/2010 - which is at the height of the crises. So give them a break. Like any other company, they are in the business of making money, not giving it away in return for no loyalty.

Eron Kar

While i don't understand what DTR does or does not to upgrade/downgrade a loyalty customer, i do know from being involved in some other loyalty programs of some global airlines, that a lot of other factors do come into play as a deciding factor, other than pure transactions. Besides economic factors like recession,loyalty consumers could and do go into periods of hiatus for N number of other reasons and this is true in varying degrees, not only of airlines but for other categories as well. During these periods, not only are transactions low, but they might drop to 0.An intelligent decision making process would try to understand and predict the nature,period and frequency of hiatuses during a customer lifecycle and not base it only on near past transactions;then figure out the probability of recuperating,in subsequent post hiatus transactions based on other indicators like socioeconomic,quantum and nature of past transactions etc..This decision making process although tough, once implemented, can really weave in the recognition,surprises and instant gratification you so desire.

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